This work is about the tradition of the Quinceañeras in Cuba - when a girl turns fifteen her birthday is celebrated with a photoshoot, a party and a magazine is made with photos of her. It is a coming of age tradition and it seems one of the biggest traditions in Cuba where parents spend a lot of money for their daughter to experience this tradition. It is practically no option for the family not to do it.
The most important part of the tradition is the photoshoot - in which the girl wears different outfits and poses as if being a model or celebrity. In this project I visited families who were organizing the Quinceañera and I joined the photoshoots ‘behind the scenes’ to document the tradition. The work is about coming of age, femininity and tradition.
This work for me is still a work in progress, I made it during my photography studies and time in Cuba and I would love to continue it by giving the project an interactive touch by for example letting the girls write their response and feelings at the moment of their Quince, or even how they felt with me being present there (as a European outsider). I would like my position to be a topic of conversation.
The project will be made into a photobook - if you like to be updated on the process of the book you can send me a message and I will add you to my newsletter. 

Havana, Cuba, 2022
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